Jean-Jacques VOISARD, MD

President & Chief Executive Officer, Pierre Fabre Dermatologie, Toulouse, FRANCE

Jean-Jacques is President & CEO of Pierre Fabre Dermatologie (PFD), a global brand dedicated to Medical Dermatology operating in 80 countries. Since he joined PFD in Nov.2003, and before being appointed President & CEO of PFD in 2013, Jean-Jacques has held several positions in PFD (Head of Medical Affairs, Head of Marketing/Development, Head of the French Subsidiary where PFD lead the market in terms of drug prescriptions by dermatologists). Jean-Jacques has led the worldwide development of Hemangiol, the first and only oral solution of propranolol specifically designed for safe and effective use in infants with Infantile Hemangiomas requiring systemic therapy (orphan condition). The development included an innovative phase II/III clinical trial, with results published in New England Journal of Medicine in 2015. Hemangiol is currently approved in 34 countries (EU, USA, Switzerland, Australia), with many other approvals expected in the coming years. Prior to joining Pierre Fabre, Jean-Jacques was General Manager for Aster Dermatologie, a french CRO fully dedicated to the clinical evaluation of dermo-cosmetic products and drugs in dermatology, where he had the opportunity to conduct clinical trials for major companies in dermatology. Jean-Jacques is a board certified dermatologist and was trained in Bordeaux (France).


Top publications


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